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07 December 2009 @ 04:04 pm
Time passes...  
The first snowfall of the year.
If there's one thing that the change of seasons reminds me of, it's that there are some things in life that are out of our control. The wind still blows, the rain still falls, the seasons still change. Time marches on. Time passes.
We get older. We live. We learn. We lose some along the way. We remember.

The holiday season is coming all too quickly.
With all the glimmer of lights and rush of buying gifts, don't forget that this is a time for family and friends. Take the time to call up a relative you haven't spoken to in a while. Send out a holiday card. Wish them well. Savour the moments that you have.
Because time marches on. Time passes.
Things happen beyond our control.

Last year, we drove through a blizzard and icy road conditions to get to Wisconsin. My mother warned us not to. She asked us not to risk it. She said the holidays weren't that important. We decided we weren't going to let a little weather ruin our holidays. So we came. On backroads through chill nights where other cars hadn't made it. My cousin couldn't make it. She was sick again, in the hospital. She was released from the hospital on Christmas day. She would be gone in a matter of a few months, but we didn't know it then.

Two years ago. Who'd have thought this is where we'd be? So I'm asking you to take the time to appreciate the family and friends you have. Hold them close. Tell them you love them. You never know what the next year will bring. So make it a time to remember. Mend old wounds. Heal hearts. Miss those who are gone. Celebrate those still here.
Because time marches on. Time passes...