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Not sure if anyone really uses Livejournal anymore, but... reaching out to try to find anyone who might be going to Furfright.

Looking for someone who might be willing to pick me up a few things if I pay them in advance plus some extra for shipping and the trouble.
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I was reading the news this morning and saw a couple of articles about the 'rapture' and how some geriatric preacher somewhere is claiming it's going to be tomorrow. Of course, I react with my usual eye-roll and carry on with my day. As good a person as I am, if I believed in rapture, I would know very well where I'm not going.

So, to my friends who do believe in such things, I have one thing to say.
When the rapture comes, can I haz ur stuff?
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Diet Buddies...

I really need to go on a diet again.
As much as they don't tend to hold for me in the long term due to my stress eating, it's something I should be doing to try to get my weight under control.

Is anyone out there interested in being 'diet buddies'?
As in, willing to diet with me and share successes/failures/etc.?

I plan on using as a tool.
Although if I can get a few people together, I might toss up a private wiki site so that everyone can see each other's progress and update together there.

Just a thought.
Otherwise, I'll do it by myself.
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Dungeons and Dragons Online - Anyone?

Does anyone on my wonderful LJ friends list play DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) who isn't already in a guild? We've got a nice group of friends, but we'd like to get a few more active players so we can do some of the raids and stuff and fill in gaps from people living/working on different timezones.

So, if you play DDO and want to join up, please drop me a note with your character name.
In addition, if you want to try out DDO, let me know! I'll be happy to shoot you an invite, and help you with leveling a lower level character.
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Random: MMORPGs in Space....

I haven't much felt like blogging lately.
To be honest, things aren't great.
Still. I'm surviving.

Mostly, I've been spending my spare time playing Eve Online. It's a MMORPG in space with spaceship combat and such. I've been enjoying both mining and combat stuff with the boys (mostly 'Kata). Anyways, the game has a program where you can invite friends for a 21-day trial, and if they sign up, you get 30 days extra free. So, if anyone out there in LJ land wants a try at the game, shoot me an e-mail (comments are screened) and I'll drop you an invite and lend you a hand with some tips I've learned from screwing things up as a newbie.

Not much else to say.
Back to work.
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Further Confusion

Is anyone local to Chicago that I know going to FC and would be willing to pick up two sculpture items for me and take them back to Chicago with you in carry-on?

If so, please let me know.