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Stumbling through the lines...

22 April 1981
So, who am I anyways? Well, my friends call me 'Zia. I'm a twenty-eight year old who lives in the Southern suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I have a full-time desk job and I enjoy music, movies, video games and role-playing. My personal relationships are in flux right now.

As for hobbies, I consider myself a fan of 'traditional' animation, especially late Disney films and Japanese animation. I love artwork and often buy commissions from furry/anime artists and try to give back what I can to the art community. I'm a great fan of good storytelling, in story, film and in role-play. My characters have spanned from the chatrooms of AOL - to the tables of friends homes - to the unique and scattered world of text-based Mu*s.

My 'fursonas' (or characters) are a barbary lioness, a snow bengal cat and an albino gargoyle. My animal totem (or spirit guide) is a gray wolf. There are three cats who grudgingly share their domain with me - Bandit, the fat black bastard, Sarah, the spotty-butt bengal cat, and Mittens the orange kitten terror.

My journaling tends to be somewhat chaotic and bounces between my eccentric and eclectic interests. Mostly, I use it as a place to keep in touch with friends local and abroad and to post my own personal thoughts on things. I do friends-lock some things, so if you're interested and want to keep in touch, drop me a note on one of my public entries and add me - I may add you back. I don't add-back people who have no entries, or who make no attempt to say 'hello' to me. I also filter some entries, so dropping a comment to let me know why you're watching helps me to sort people into filters.

Last Updated: 09-21-2010

Deviantart: http://arazia.deviantart.com
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